pivot of nodereference


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The pivot position of NodeReference and the pivot position of the actual object are different.

This is a road sample from AddOn.

I wonder how I can do pivot differently.




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Hi dongju.jeong,

Normally at node reference creation pivot places at the same point in which located pivot of the root node, so the pivot of node reference created from single mesh should be equal to that single mesh pivot. This is also true for node in road tool constructor add-on. So in an unedited node from add-on pivot of mesh and node reference should match.

Unfortunately there's no way to move node reference pivot after creation, but you can simple create a new node reference with required content.

If you want to change pivot of mesh object, it can be done either by thirdparty modeling software, or by exporting mesh through unigine editor(in that case pivot of exported mesh always matches with (0,0,0) world coordinates)

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