Help Optimizing Ultralight Integration


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Hey there,

since i was able to implement ultralight i want to ask anyone to help me optimize it to render geometry data like ImGui.

Right now my implementation only uses the pixel buffer but i understand that if you do heavy animations on fullscreen or anything it will impact performance since it draws every pixel.

Ultralight does have the possibility to return the vertices and the indices, you just need to create a custom_gpu_driver_instance like they say here: Using a Custom GPUDriver (

so its basically taking this class as reference: Ultralight-API/GPUDriver.h at master · ultralight-ux/Ultralight-API (

but i Dont have enough knowledge to understand what i need to do to make this happen if someone is willing to help me i would very much appreciate it to make this a complete integration.

for now i can only think of the following methods in the ImGui implementation to make it work properly:ImGuiImpl.cpp

  • create_imgui_mesh()
  • create_imgui_material()
  • renderDrawData()

here is my Ultralight Repo just in case: kireita/UltraLightCpp: Ultralight integration with Unigine (

thanks in advance.

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