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Hi everyone, I create a little animation, and I used the tracker, but I found some little problems:

1) Wen I position the camera, and I set the keyframe for rotation, if the rotation is created from position with WASD and I confirm the key rotation, all the animation rotation is wrong, but if I set the totation manually in the pannel and set the rotation x,y,z the rotation camera work.

For example if I rotate from 359 to 1 degree (unigine make a rotation from 359 to 1 in reverse mode, need to Jump from 359 to 1) but if I do this from pannel work!

2) Some times the Key frames in the time line wen is select, , disapear and lose the key frame.

3) the spline editor is not perfect!



Is possible to create a change camera?

Is possible to create a Auto Key (like in blender) without activate and disactivate the (E) in the timeline?


Take for example the Simeline and the action panel from Blender is very Usefull.




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Hi Davide,

We know that the Tracker tool is not the perfect at this moment and developing the replacement is tied to the animation system refactoring, so I wouldn't expect the major changes very soon.

Regarding the mentioned issues - could you please also add some reproduction videos and rate how critical each issue? That would help us to understand where we should focus most and if this even possible to fix with the current Tracker system.


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