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Didn't get the right way to scale in VR a third party scene.

Using original scale in VR (and also standard view) result a dwarf view such as the assets are very huge (weird since the asset units in 3ds max seems correct) or the user very short.

Both rescaling in Unigine and in Max the original asset got the same result, a dwarf view.

Tried also to just change the height of the VR spawn point, with no effect.

I suspect there is a different way to set the height of the eyesight.

Attached one of the assets of the scene in original size.


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Hi Davide,

Did you have a chance to take a look at the recommended export settings from 3ds Max:

Your model from attachment is really poorly created (or exported?). It has pivot far away from the model origin and it has wrong scaling (3ds max shows that this model is 17m in height):


We did quick fixing in 3ds max: regrouping, adjusting pivot, scaled down to more or less correct units (3m height) and resetting the transforms. In attachment you can find corrected model. That should be imported with a correct size out of the box in the Unigine.




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I have found the 3ds Max export guide, checking the model seems the original one was in inch and I also missed to setup the world unit and not only the display unit in cm. Your model it's better but I think there is something odd in general I need to discuss with the designer.



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