IG Weather_Ctrl wind direction is incorrect


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As per CIGI ICD, the wind direction must be the direction the wind is coming from, with 0=True North, 90=East.

In Weather_Ctrl, the North/South direction is reversed, so clouds are moving in the wrong direction (Tested in 2.13)


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Hi Stephane,

Any hints on reproduction? According to our internal tests wind direction is working fine with Weather_Ctrl package and clouds. Did you have a chance to take a look at this in the latest beta?


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Here is a capture with 2.14beta, which also shows the issue:


As you see, with a wind direction of 0 (True North), the Cigi ICD specify the wind should blow FROM the north, so the clouds should go TOWARD the south. This is clearly not the case here. Same for the +90 direction, where clouds should go TO the west (wind blowing FROM the east).

CIGI ICD 3.3 for reference (chap. 4.1.12):



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