2.14beta Landscape texture layer gets corrupted


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With a new 2.14b landscape terrain, I tried adding a new layer to modify the elevation, without altering the original terrain. When I started editing the new landscapeLayerMap, the original texture for the terrain got corrupted:


Part of the original terrain layer got overwritten by other part of the same layer... The modified parts appeared in a geo location that I didn't edit, in layer I didn't edit.


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It looks easy to reproduce, but we have no success on our side, apparently there is some nuance.

Stephane, could you record a video or wrote exactly steps with reproduction, please?


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Actually, the corruption appears during the generation of the landscape itself, not during editing.

I tried generating a new terrain from scratch with a single ASC tile, and it got generated as corrupted. Nothing fancy has been done in the settings.

Projection = 2154. Output set to "sand_output" below the data folder. Cache set to "sand_cache" on another HDD. Single tile.




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