Can't load node content in mount point


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For sharing content between projects, we store our IG entities in folders that are then added as mount-point inside the Editor.

For some entities, for some projects, some node meshes are not loaded (log from the editor):

WARNING:	Object::loadWorld(): can't find "texskinrotor" surface in "mnt/platform/air/hc/h160/h160.node" file

For other entities in the same mount-point, everything is fine.

The behavior looks quite random, as sometimes quitting and recreating the mount-point (with a different name?) seems to fix the problem. At first, I thought having the mount-point as read-only could be the issue but I got this bug with both read-only and read-write mount-points.

What could we be doing wrong?

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Hi Stephane,

It's really hard to guess what's going without a reproduction. How often do you have these warnings? Is there any patterns (maybe you have warnings only for specific 5 nodes and nothing more or it's starting to reproduce after very specific steps)? Can it be reproduced with a default main_* application without any additional user logic or in some of the our samples?

Right now we will also try to get the similar behavior in QA, but that may not give the results, especially if this bug is floating (like this) and only happens in very specific environments.

We need more information, ideally a reproduction scene (it can be small - with only couple of nodes, or big - if there is no way to create it small) that triggers this behavior and application examples that using this mounts (maybe some specific code triggers this, who knows). After that when we would be able to reproduce this we can finally give some estimations on fixing or providing the workarounds.


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