select all nodes using another one (mesh or material)


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Hello, in editor, I need to select all nodes using a particular mesh. The show asset using this one window does it but doesn't allow multi-selection of the result, so it's useless.

Is there a way to do that ?



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a little more on this: of course if nodes and meshes are well named or if it's do some clustering there's no problem, hierarchy name filtering and cluster collect similar functions work well. So this is another use case. 


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Hi Romain,

Yes, there is not yet multi-selection available right now in this window, but we considering adding similar functionality a bit later (maybe even in 2.15 if there will be no unexpected pitfalls).

And I'm afraid right now there is no way to get the desired behavior without writing your own C++ plugin for the Editor and re-implementing the full filtering logic from scratch.


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Hi Silent, ok thanks, I'll see if I have time to write some custom select/replace/filter etc logic helpers plugin then (this was a specific problem I faced with some outsourced data here, but it might become useful to have this kind of functionality of my shelf). 



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