[SOLVED] Loading animated skinned mesh during runtime using FBXImporter


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I am currently facing a problem when I am loading an custom FBX-model during runtime which have some bones attached. The issue appears only when I load the files via the FBXImporter (Engineering but not within editor. Loading the FBX model and applying the animation file does work as intended. So what I have tried:

  1. Load the mesh file in editor and apply the animation to it. Everything worked fine. Running the animation during runtime via setFrame() also works as intended.
  2. Load the mesh in editor and safe it. Load the animation during runtime and play the animation via setFrame() also worked as intended.
  3. Load the mesh during runtime using FBXImporter resulting in a correct mesh. Applying an animation file to it, results in miscalculated vertices.


I attached a small project sample which should isolate the problem. The code consists of a small interface, so loading mesh/animation during runtime should be easy without any modifications.





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Are there different settings for the runtime loading vs editor, like ~reorient joints~ etc.?

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Good question. I can't find any useful hints in the documentation about additional parameters that can be used with the FbX-Importer. If I miss anything I would be glad to know that.


Thanks, next week would definetly fine. We can currently use the workaround with adding the mesh via editor and loading the animation during runtime.

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Thanks a lot devrom, I totally missed that post.


importer->setParameterInt("joints_reorientation", 1);

I added this parameter before initializing the importer and I got a correct result.

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ha, this default active joint reorientation cost us some hours as well... I think now it is OFF by default (at least in the editor).

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