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Hi all,

Back in version 2.5, sound occlusion was a parameter of surface_base, with a default value of 0.5. We relied on that to have audio occlusion on all our surfaces, and only applied a different value in specific cases.

After updating to 2.13, occlusion is no longer a parameter of surface_base at all. This means that all objects that we used to have 0.5 occlusion on now no longer occlude sounds at all. What is the best approach to get sound occlusion back? We have 1000s of objects, so preferably we don't want to manually apply occlusion to all their surfaces.

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The only possible way that comes to my mind is to write a for loop that would check all the required nodes / noderefes / meshes on world load and set the desired sound occlusion value via API. After that you can save the world, so the changes would be applied.


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