moving objects with the mouse ray cast


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Hello! I have such a question as to use the mouse to manipulate objects, as well as bones so that you can control, for example, a manipulator.
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I understand it using World :: getIntersection. But you need to somehow convert the coordinates of the mouse. Any example?
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Hello @zomaru!

To retrieve an object under mouse cursor, one needs to cast a ray from the camera and find the first intersected object. You may find these articles helpful on this question:

In brief, use Player::getDirectionFromScreen() and World::getIntersection() for that like in the example:


NodePtr AppWorldLogic::getNodeUnderCursor()
	ivec2 mouse = Input::getMouseCoord();
	Vec3 p0 = player->getWorldPosition();
	Vec3 p1 = p0 + Vec3(player->getDirectionFromScreen(mouse.x, mouse.y)) * 100;
	WorldIntersectionPtr intersection = WorldIntersection::create();
	NodePtr nd = World::getIntersection(p0, p1, ~0, intersection);
	return nd;


So, you'll need a custom logic for moving objects (e.g. screen-space offset by using mouse delta).

For your convenience, there are ready-to-use widgets for node manipulation, they are:

Here's an example on how to use such a widget:


NodePtr selected_node;
PlayerPtr player;
GuiPtr gui;
WidgetManipulatorPtr wm;

int AppWorldLogic::init()
  	selected_node = World::getNodeByName("my_node");
	player = Game::getPlayer();
	gui = Gui::get();
	wm = WidgetManipulatorTranslator::create(gui);
	wm->addCallback(Gui::CHANGED, MakeCallback(this, &AppWorldLogic::move));
  	return 1;

int AppWorldLogic::update()
	return 1;

void AppWorldLogic::move()



Please find the attached files for complete sample sources.

AppWorldLogic.h AppWorldLogic.cpp

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Большое спасибо! У вас очень хорошая тех поддержка и продукт.

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