Console::setActive(true) doesn't work as expected


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Tried this code to circumvent current limitation with keyboard handling in console management, but as explained in the code comments, it doesn't work as expected.

// Doesn't work. The console can be hidden, but never shown
if (App::clearKeyState(App::KEY_F1)) {
// Doesn't work. The console cannot be opened with this.
// If the console is already open, then it will quick-close-open it again. (???)
if (App::clearKeyState(App::KEY_F2)) {
// Works OK. Closes the console
if (App::clearKeyState(App::KEY_F3)) {
// isActive Works ok, but strangely clearKeyState doesn't as it clearly auto-repeat keys
// based on OS setup. Shouldn't the key NOT auto-repeat? Or is there another fct for this behavior? 
if (App::clearKeyState(App::KEY_F4)) {

Also, Console::run("show"); doesn't work either.

Can you advise?

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Just showing/hiding the console through code

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