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With the path name of the application when windows user name is "Cédric Fabre" for exemple sometimes the "é" chars doesn't work.

For exemple I can't execute foxHole demo...Look at the "Data path" and "App path" there are not the same.
---- Filesystem ----
App path:  C:/Users/C├®dricFABRE-EDICAD/Unigine SDK Browser/demos/foxhole_demo_windows_2.13.0.1/bin/
Data path: C:/Users/CÚdricFABRE-EDICAD/Unigine SDK Browser/demos/foxhole_demo_windows_2.13.0.1/data/
Save path: C:/Users/C├®dricFABRE-EDICAD/Unigine SDK Browser/demos/foxhole_demo_windows_2.13.0.1/bin/

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Can you tell us what happens when you see these errors in log? Demo crashes or something else?

If you can show us some videos or screenshots - it would be just great!

What we reproduced so far is the filesystem init failure:

Do you have the same behavior?


How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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