Request: CIGI callback before sending a message to Host


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We have a specific requirement that we can't fulfill at the moment. In some case, our Host expect some IG responses messages to have additional data put in a custom messages.

To give a specific use case, for some LOS/HAT queries our Host requires the IG to send the velocities of the point of intersection (useful when landing on a moving platform for example). As this is not part of CIGI standard protocol, our legacy IG send these info in additional messages alongside the LOS responses.

I think this could be implemented easily if we had the possibility to add a callback to the CIGIConnector which would be called right before putting a message in the send queue.

As a suggestion, here is a possible prototype

void setSendPacketCallback ( int cigi_opcode, Unigine::CallbackBase * func );

//Prototype of the callback:
//template <class CIGIPACKET> bool sendPacket(int cigi_opcode, CIGIPACKET* packet);
//returns true if the packet should be sent (eventually after being modified).
//returns false if the packet should not be sent (discarded).
//The callback can modify the packet data if necessary, or discard it completely by returning false.
//The callback can append another message in the queue by calling addPacket(). In this case
//the added message will be placed somewhere after the packet in the same emission.
//The added message shouldn't be of the same type of packet (risk of infinite recursion) and cannot be a StartOfFrame.

This could also be used to have the IG self-react on some responses message, eg. for debug purposes.

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Hello Stephane,

It's sounds like easy to implementation and more likely you can expect it in the following 2.14 release.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hi, nice to hear it'd be easy to add.

As an additional request, would it be possible to have a callback with the WorldIntersection data (or equivalent) computed during a LOS/HAT/HOT? This would be used because the CIGI response itself may not contain enough data to determine exactly what have been intersected. As an example, The host will send a HOT extended, the IG will send a HOT extended response which doesn't contain the ID or the local coordinate of the intersected entity, which are required to compute the point of contact velocity. Hence, having a callback called with the intersection data computed by the HOT would allow us to prepare the custom message to be sent alongside the HOT response.

Of course, you may have a better suggestion to solve this problem (returning the point of contact velocity) so please advise :)



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yes, of course, there will be access to intersection.

about contact velocity: any node has getOldWorldTransform method. you can get moment velocity

auto prev_point_world = contact_point_world * inverse(node_world_transform) * old_node_world_transform;
auto point_velocity = (contact_point_world - prev_point_world) / Game::getIFps(); 


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