Skinning issues fbx import


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I am experiencing serious skinning issues while importing an fbx file. It seems, that not all skinning information is transferred correctly.

Are there some known limitations for the skinning? Such as Bones influences per vertex?

The model is skinned smoothly in Maya. In UNIGINE, the smooth skinning is basically gone. It looks like the the skinning has some hard influences, rather soft ones.

In the image you can see, how the mesh is torn apart. Maya skinning is fine as mentioned. There are also no options to choose from for the skinning ex and import.


I have the feeling, it comes from the number of influences. The file uses some between 1 and 6, so that might be scrambled while export?



new skinning.PNG

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It's hard to tell what's happening without seeing fbx, could you share it with us?

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Did an upload.



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Hello again Werner

That pigeon are designed really great, we look deeper into .fbx and found that the strange behavior are connected with engine restrictions and in this case Unigine only supports up to 4 bones as to the total of allowed influences.

We will definitely improve this in future releases but from now the only solution that I can suggest you is simplify the model where a maximum of 4 bones will affect the same vertices

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

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Thank you for looking at it.

Maximum amount of bones per surface — 128. Maximum amount of weights per vertex — 4.

I was basically aware of that, (even that I didnt look at that in the docu). 
It came up, as our animators didnt respect the 4 weights, so I thought its a skinning issue. As soon as I disvoverd that, it was clear for me.

Yes, please change that restriction for the future. I think it is pretty important (or at least a huge imporovement).

I have been told, that Unrel can handle 8 weights (if that makes sense).

Thanks, and thanks for the compliment.

Best. Werner 

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