Idea: Define Size in pixels for Viewport and Engine window in Editor


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We always come to that point, to design scenes to specific resolutions, often some unusal ones.

It would be a fantastic feature, to define the x,y size in pixel for the Viewports and Engine windows in the Editor.

As well, probably useful, to define the x,y position on screen for them, when not attached in the GUI of the actual Editor, but floating.

We often display the windows on a second monitor, or in a place of the dektop with no icons or likewise. It that could stay fixed, when closing and opening the Editor again, would be amazing.

Also good to set would be the decoration of these floating windows. We need them just as pure windows, no border, no decoration. maybe possible?



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Hi Werner,

That's a lot requests in one! :) I think that some of them should be possible to implement (such as custom viewport resolution), but for others it may be tricky.

Willl see what we can do here.

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uhm, hehe. Sry, too many requests. Just take it as "ideas"! ;) I am more flagging up some thoughts, and if you find them interesting enough, I am happy to see them in a release.


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