64 bit cooridnate version?


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Hi, I just had a quick question about Unigine. I've never used it (or any engine) before.   I have a smooth voxel based procedural world generator written in C++. Right now it uses DirectX 11. It does chunking and re-chunking, supports space to surface travel and so forth.  Currently it's in wire frame, but I do generate normals so it's all set for shading.  I also have the physics covered as I just need sphere to mesh collision at this point, and I ported some code from an old project for that.

I would like to port it to a game engine. However the big problem is it generates everything in 64 bit floating point since I'm working with worlds about 1000Km diameter.  I know Unigine supports large coordinates, but I gather from my reading that the community version does not. I just wanted to verify that fact.  Thanks in advance.

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As far as I know 64 bit double precision is available from Engineering edition only, not community I'm afraid.

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