Texture rotation when triplanar texture mapping used


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Hello comrades,


In our project we are using triplanar texture mapping in order to apply textures to rather complex geometry shapes like profiled furniture panels.

The geometry is not an asset but is generated programmatically, so that triplanar mapping seems to be the best option to avoid texture distortion.


But it looks like there is no way to rotate the textures in this mode because UV coordinates are ignored in the case.

And for the materials there is just "uv_transform" property capable to scale and offset only.

So, is there way to rotate the textures applied in triplanar mode anyhow?




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Yes, out of the box there is no option to rotate triplanar mapped textures due to complexity of the current mesh_base material.

We hope that with the upcoming node-based materials editor you would be able to create a custom material that would fit your needs.


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