Global Water improvement areas?


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I very much like the global water and with some trick it can be very useful.

Broad areas in which we are interested in. 
Mainly in behavior and rendering quality.

- Realistic, sophisticated, accurate reflections of environment, close middle far range objects, with optimization possibilities (in- excludes). Especially on rough sea surfaces.

- Waves to be more versatile, to create large scenes. Different wave directions with sophisticated control, blending, mixing.
Optimization and development of the interaction with other systems to create an organic look. Object interaction (more on a local base than a global one)

- Currents. For streaming and flowing water. Not so much for streams or creeks (would probably a different task),  but for open water, to create a lively water surface. Also for obstacled areas like shores, harbors etc. with different water directions.
Interaction of the water with solid objects in a more broader sense to influence the currents. (more on a global level) e.g. sea water flows into a harbor while high tide and empties while low tide)

- Coarse Fluid simulation for flows, currents, interaction?

- Reaction system for the surface itself, visible changes. Like the foam but also integrated in a more realistic behavior system.

- Fine Fluid simulation in areas of interest to combine with the rough one?

- Versatile material(s) to depict different water conditions on a single global water. (coming together with the waves, current, probably a mixture of these systems to play together)

- Water surface covering, to simulate material on top of the water surface like plants, slicks, mud, oil, dust etc. which moves and deforms accurately with the waves.
Material Layer system?


Best. Werner

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