Multi Monitor Issue for Unigine Editor


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I'm pretty new to Unigine.

I just download the launcher and install 2.13 SDK.

I'm actually coming from Lumberyard and I can say that I instantly fall in love and think to migrate to Unigine :)

But I'm experiencing some issues with the editor on my secondary 2K monitor: It seems that the editor doesn't handle well multi monitors :
- The editor is difficult to manipulate : UI elements (Menus, Texts, etc...) are tiny
- Also mouse manipulation is very buggy: When you click on the viewport for object manipulation, the cursor move suddendly to another location: this ruines a lot the user experience on my side.
But everything is ok on my primary 4K monitor
For information, I have actually 2 monitors (with extended mode): The first and primary one is 4K UHD (15 inches) and the secondary one is 2K QHD (32 inches)

Below screenshot of the editor on my primary monitor => OK


Below screenshot of the editor on my secondary monitor => KO (You can see how everything is so tiny)


But the most ennoying bug is the mouse manipulation on my secondary screen. When you click somewhere, the mouse suddendly jumps to another location.

I prefer using my secondary screen for the editor because I have a lot more space there but the mouse bug ruins the whole user experience.

Can you help resolve this ?

Thanks in advance for your help ?


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Hello Nitroboy,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, we'll investigate further on this issue, but some additional info would be helpful. Could you please specify which OS, and OS version you are using.


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Thanks for the information, we successfully reproduce this issue.

Right now indeed mouse cursor working very strange when different DPI scaled monitors are connected simultaneously. I've created a bug report in our internal bug tracker regarding this. I can't promise if we would find a proper solution prior 2.14 release, but we would try :)

Our QA team also found one workaround, that may be useful in your case (if you want to work on 2K monitor):

  1. Set your 2K monitor as main display (you can do it in Display Settings)
  2. Run Editor (in some cases reboot or relogin may be required)


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How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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Tahnks @silent for your reply.

Do I have access to your bug tracking tool so that I can follow the resolution of the issue ?

I will check also your workaround.

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