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I making a wigsprite gauge bar.


this is loading_screen_04 sample.



How do I make this function for c++?      "engin.loading_screen.render(~)"



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Is there any function to control the rendering of widgetsprite?

I'm trying to adjust to Width, but there's some problem when Width is zero or a small number.

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100% width is 282.


70% ( setWidth(0.7 * 282) )



1% ( setWidth(0.01 * 282) )



0% ( setWidth(0.0 * 282) )

image.png.058676616bdef016a14b8e837f93673e.png maybe It seems to be the original size of the texture.


I think I should use a different function than changing the width.

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I guess it would be better if you will prepare progress bar texture so it would be a gradient with 1px width and then multiply it by progress (2.82px = 1%).

In case of 1% or 0% you can simply hide it to avoid visual artifacts.


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How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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When increasing the size, the edges are angled rather than smooth.

Is there a way to soften the edges like the second gauge?

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Ok, I'll try.


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