[SOLVED] Incorrect planar reflections for lower values of clouds downsampling rendering


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we are using Unigine 2.13 and I noticed a problem with the planar reflections in combination with 3D clouds. I have an implementation of ObjectExtern that is transparent and is rendered in the Ambient pass. It also has a horizontal planar reflection plane. The planar reflections look fine when the Downsampling Rendering option for the Unigine clouds is set to full. However, for other values of Downsampling Rendering the planar reflections appear incorrect.

I created a world that only contains a horizontal plane and the sky and 3D clouds. I used RenderDoc to extract the screen space planar reflection texture that is created by Unigine for the horizontal plane for different values of clouds Downsampling Rendering. The reflection image should fill the entire texture in all cases. However, the reflection image gets smaller when Downsampling Rendering gets lower. For half and quarter, the image only partially fills the texture and the rest of the texture is just empty. See the extracted textures below:


Downsampling Rendering = full


Downsampling Rendering = half


Downsampling Rendering = quarter


We want to use Downsampling Rendering = quarter for performance reasons. But at the moment this is not possible, because of this problem with the reflections. Can you please help to solve this problem?


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