materials_loading_mode impacting editor launch


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Dear UNG support,

In default.boot, the setting materials_loading_mode set to 2 seem to impact editor launch time... significantly, if not simply prevent it from opening.
It is maybe normal; you clearly warm in documentation of that: "recommended to be used for production phase".
It is indeed useful with IG, but we currently still need to edit our worlds.

Would you recommend a way to deal with that?

Kind regards,

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Hi Charles,

Default materials_loading_mode is set to 1 for newly created projects (at least I couldn't find any case when it would be set to 2 by default). You can manually set it to 1 in config and override via command line start up options in the final build.

Can't see any issues here :)


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Thanks, good idea to put it as -console_command "materials_loading_mode 2".
You confirm it is overriding settings from default.boot..?

Kind regards,

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