Convertion between frame of references?


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Is there an easy way to convert between the UNIGINE frame of reference and the CIGI frame of reference for views (especially rotation)?

To be more precise, I have a node inside an entity ("refCamera") which I want to use to reposition the current IG view. I don't want to change the view's player, I just want to know the values I should pass to view->setRotation so the view is pointing in the same direction as refCamera.

I tried this:

// mat is the Mat4 of the transform of my refCamera, which is a child node of the entity
Mat4 mat = node->getTransform();
Vec3 pos = mat.getTranslate();
pos.set(pos.y, pos.x, -pos.z); // transform to CIGI coordinate system
vec3 rot = decomposeRotationZYX(mat3(mat*Mat4(quat(-90,0,0)))); // *quat because the camera is looking into -Z
// rot is not correct if refCamera had a non null roll...

// pos and rot could be later used like this, or written down and send through CIGI

Probably I'm not using the right decompose or I should flip some axis, but after a hour or two scratching my head, I figured you could help me here :)


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try using method view->copyTransformFromPlayer(player_node);


auto convert = ig_manager->getConverter();
auto mat = node->getTransform();
Vec3 pos = convert->ENUtoNED(mat.getTranslate());
vec3 rot convert->rotationToEulerNED(mat.getRotate() * node->isPlayer() ? quat(-90,0,0) : quat::IDENTITY );


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