ig_config.xml overwritten?


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I found out that something triggered a rewrite of my ig_config.xml. I don't know exactly how it was triggered, but the problem is all <entity id="dis type"> have been rewritten in decimal form (ie without the x.x.x.x.x.x notation), making them illegible for a human.

Could you fix that?

Also, does this rewrite means all user XML comments will be lost? :(

Bonus request: ig_debug and ig_debug_entity_info  are TREMENDOUSLY useful! THANKS! But could you make it so the entity type name (from ig_config.xml) is also written? Would be the cherry on the cake :)


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Hi Stephane,

We will take a look at the ig_config rewrite issue, but I'm not sure if we would have much time to improve debug output (however, sounds like a trivial thing to add).

Thanks for the feedback!

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The file ig_config.xml is overwritten right after the IG session started. The log show this (even on slaves):

World loading "shared_MAR/ah_vdb_f_g.world" 1272ms
Config::save: config ig_config.xml was modified
WARNING:	Manager::onWorldInit: geodetic_origin for database 2 was updated in ig_config.xml

We need a way to prevent this, because it removes all comments (and sometimes, we just comment out some entities or parts of the file for tests). Or, there should be a way to load the xml with all its structure (and comments) and write back having touched only the part that you really needed to update.

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