New 2.13 IG_HOST behavior


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The new IG_HOST tool in 2.13 will be VERY useful, that's a great addition!

I understand the experimental and still very rough nature of the tool, but at the moment I can't get it to send anything other than IG Mode==RESET.

In the File/Settings window, I do set the IG Mode to OPERATE, but whenever I manipulate any other data (say, an entity position) it returns to RESET. For example, I can't move any entity after its creation, nor change the time of day.

Am I missing something?

(tested with both the cigi demo, and in a new project by simply copying the ig_host exe)


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You need load database from ig_host first:image.png

After that it will switch to "operate" mode


The host in the early development stage, so it has some usability issues right now. We will continue to develop it and add more features, such as DIS and HLA protocols support in the next SDK updates.


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