Default Render Preset changed?


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Hi everyone,

I've just created a new project with the new relase of the community edition (2.13) and notice some render quality differences.

This is because the default render preset for an empty project changed to "template_medium" instead of "template_high".

Is this saved inside of the project template or are the default settings depending on the system specs?


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Hi Stefan,

As far as I remember, no explicit changes were made here.

You can apply any rendering preset via double-click directly from the Asset Browser. If you need to load specific rendering settings on world loading you can also specify them in the .world asset settings:

Hope that would help to solve this issue.


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Thanks for the reply.

I didn't know, that you can set the render settings directly on the world file.

This is a minor thing but I think the C# template has been changed at this point.

The "render_settings_path" in the "" file of the csharp template now refers to the template_medium.render settings instead of the template_high.render in the version, if you compare the guids.

So, just in case, someone wonders, why the default scene of a new, blank C# project doesn't look exactly the same as the version before. You have to switch back to high settings, first.




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