[SOLVED] Placing new nodes in editor


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I'm currently developing a plugin for Unigine 2.6.1 editor, and at some point after selecting some assets, the user places multiple nodes in the world (cloned from the assets).

Similar to how nodes are placed normally in the editor, a temporary representation of the new node is displayed and follows the cursor's intersection with the scene. The node is added to the scene when the user clicks, or canceled when the user presses Esc.

I would like to know if this feature is provided in the API, or if it has to be re-implemented? If so, from where to start?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Karim,

There was two separate Editor versions in this release (the old one, mostly based on UnigineScript and the second one - fully Qt-based). Which one are you using? You can check the window title: if there is a UnigineEditor2 in it you are using the Qt-based.

The Qt-based Editor doesn't have any API exposed in 2.6.1, so there is no really a way to extend it's behavior.


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2 hours ago, silent said:

In that case you can take a look into the editor_nodes.h file (it's located in the editor.ung, so you need to unpack it first using the Archiver tool). The relevant code is located in the nodesPlaceManually function.


Ok, I will try that.

Thank you.

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