Is there a way to reduce/optimize physics calculations on a water body mesh?


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I am trying to create large scale complex physics water body mesh, however this is overwhelming the processor due to the large number of physics calculations.

Is there a way to reduce the number of calculations by any of the following methods ?:

  • Limit physics calculations by distance for a singe water mesh? (I noticed you can limit physics for an entire body that is a set distance away, but I did not see any option to limit physics across a single body that is both close and far an different points across the mesh.)
  • Dynamically reduce the complexity of the mesh based on distance from player?
  • Stitch multiple water meshes together so that they are able to transfer physics/waves from one mesh into the joining neighbor mesh?
  • some other method?

Trying to ensure physics are calculated near the player, but not calculated some distance from the player for a single unified water mesh.

Thank You

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I'm afraid that's not really solvable for now. Reducing the number of the interactions the only way to somehow speed up the physics calculations. You can try to freeze the pieces that are located outside of the viewing frustum to save some CPU time, but I guess that would not give you much boost.


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Thank you. I need to think then about how I want to proceed with my project. 

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