F# Support?


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Hi all,

I'm just evaluating this engine for a game I'm creating and wondered if it's possible to build with F#. F# could interface with the C# API but without digging deeper I'm not sure if the engine would allow the 2 languages to be compiled together. I'm just not sure how it currently works with the C# integration and whether I'd be possible to give it any old .NET code.




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Hi Phil,

You can definitely use F# in combination with a C#, but the performance of such solution would be far for the more or less complex realtime application :)

You can check some numbers from this stream from Stefano Casillo:


You can get more performance in case if we would expose the raw C API (that is still planned, but I can't give you an exact ETA). C API for 2.11 SDK can be found here: https://github.com/nxrighthere/Unigine-C

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Thanks. Nice video! I'm just starting out so performance wouldn't be an issue for now. I've done some C API integration before so this could definitely be an option later down the line.

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