Local/World/Parent coordinates system to reflect in the input fields


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I often find myself, tweaking transforms using the numerical input.

Transforming objects in a world, often happens in local coord. system. 

Is it correct, that the numerical fields always use world coordinates.

it would be more than very handy, it those would use the same coord system as the selected for the transform tools.


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Hi Werner,

These text fields are always showing the world coordinates (for children they are relative to the parent, but still in world).

If we will display the local coordinates,  they will always show zeros for the selected object, so I guess there is no really any sense to do such thing. If you want to precisely and fast move the objects you can use transform / angle snapping and additional placement tools that available out of the box: https://developer.unigine.com/en/docs/2.12/editor2/select_position_nodes/


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Yes I understand. The usecase is: Placing an object and fine adjusting its position in world coordinates.

When the Transform handler is not in the view (because I am zoomed in, or pivot is out somewhere else), It is impossible to use local coordinates. (Only from the input fields, which are in world coordinates).

If the object is rotated, it is very painful to get exact positioning, not being able to use the correct coordinate system.

BUT there is this workaround (as you suggested), so I would need to put a parent node and put the objects beneath it), to get the 'local' coordinates.

Thanks silent.

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