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I have a q. re. working with assets.

Developing our works, I (very) often need to update/change assets in the UNIGINE scene.
My fbx hold objects, textures, materials, sometime animations (all standard stuff).

When importing it first time, I create the scene hierarchy, materials (if needed) etc.

Then I am modifying the asset in Maya, and re export it, overwrite it in the data directory, so that the asset updates.

Thats all fine, BUT when I change positions of objects, or I add/remove objects from the asset in Maya, the UNIGINE asset is not updated in the Scene itself.

I always need to delete the 'old' asset from the scene, then put the 'new' (old but updated) asset into scene, position it.

Am I doing something wrong? 

best. Werner

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Hi Werner,

Reimport will not overwrite your tuned .node file if you have new objects added since the last import (if I remember correctly). That was done on purpose so the already built scene will remain in good shape. But, maybe in your case it's a slightly different scenario.

Can you record a small video of this behavior? Would be easier to reproduce on our side.


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I wonder how that works for many complex assets. We dont have that many in our scene, but just a small example here.

I build this construct, this consists of many objects. I import that into UNIGINE, position it in the scene.

Afterwards I go back and add a some more panels. Export again into the same fbx and overwrite it in the data folder.

It updates, but the new panels do not show up in the scene.

I need to delete the node in the scene and then I need to add the 'same' .fbx asset again.

Then need to reset transform.

This is a pretty simple example without any complex dependencies in the scene.

I guess that is quite a common workflow.

It does work, if I change the properties of an object in Maya, e.g. the vertex positions, or UV coordinates.

Is this understandable?

best. w.










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In that particular case enabling Merge Surfaces by Materials may help. The goal is to make the number of meshes the same it was before.

Node that you created when original FBX was imported simply doesn't contains the information about the new meshes that was generated during the next reimports. 

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I get it, why it doesnt update in the scene.

Would it make sense to consider an automatic update function. Atm I do that by hand, every time I modify the asset.

Isnt that a standard usecase I wonder? How do other ppl work with assets?

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I will try this. Thanks.

Juhu. seems to work.


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