Disabling TAA Ghosting


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we are getting very heavy visible ghosting when we are setting the viewpoint inside a cockpit with alpha blended front windows of a car.

It is reproducable with an alpha blended plane in front of the material ball in the test scene.

If you are approaching the plane the ghosts drift apart more and more.

Disabling "Deferred Buffers" on the material will work arround this.

But we are experiencing also ghosting  of the vehicles opaque geometry when moving with the vehicle in a cockpit or chaseview.

Is there a function to eliminate this behavior for a node tree?

We can observe this in 2.10 to 2.12 version of the engine.



2020-10-21 13-43-25.mkv

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Hi Sebastian,

I guess on video there is a first use-case (which can be fixed by disabling Deferred Buffers)? Is there any videos for the second use-case?


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