Making RTS in Unigine NavMesh and Pathfinding

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I think about moving our project to Unigine but there is something i am worried about.

From what i understand making NPC's respect eachothers routs and each others collisions is immpossible? 
But that isnt even that big of a problem for and RTS. What worries me is placing new buildings on the map. Do i have to recalculate the whole navmesh every time i place anything in the world and how expensive might it be for a game? Maby it will limit the map size? 

is there any other way of doing it?

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I guess you can try to use Navigation Sector in combination with dynamic Obstacles for that task. There are bunch of samples available in SDK Browser that shows the similar behavior that you need.

More likely you anyway will need to implement some custom approach for units collisions between each other in order to get the best visuals and smooth movement that would meet your expectations. Default built-in path finding is too general for that specific task.


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That is really good to hear! I can ignore pawns not coliding with each other it doesnt matter that much but i was worried about buildings.

I will look into it.

I am currently astonished by this engine. I work in many engines but this one showed some things i always wanted. Like when i want to make something in unity i have to spend like a week downloading and buying additional addons to have basic funcionality but here it is just built in. 
Plus i rly like how graphics look and possibilites of particles or lightmapper

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