Linux (Ubuntu 20.10) better performance than windows 10?


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Hello, I use the unigine for 3 months and in the standard scene I have a performance of 90-120 fps, i tested the same scene on Linux and got 140-200 fps.

I didn't expect this performance gain, is my Windows 10 system slower than normal or is the Linux version really faster?

My pc is far from the ideal but it runs well in unreal and unity.


i7 2600k @3.4ghz (stock)

16gb ddr3 1333 (stock)

gtx 960 4gb (stock)

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Hi Almo,

We don't have any additional OpenGL optimizations. In fact, OpenGL is supposted to be slower by default due to missing optimizations options that we can use with DX11 and HLSL.

Maybe your Windows GPU driver is slightly outdated. There were known issues with some Windows 10 updates lowering the overall performance, so we do recommend to use the latest available version of Windows 10.


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