ObjectGui is black with game disabled


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When I use an ObjectGui it seems to be completely black when the game is not enabled. I've tried it the sample project as well by adding engine.game.setEnabled(false); to the init function of gui_07.cpp and this is the result:


It seems Unigine has some kind of fade in animation for widgets, but while the main GUI is always updated even when the game is disabled, ObjectGui is not? In multiplayer sessions you generally keep the game disabled until all players are connected and ready, but 3D render might be enabled already so if there is an ObjectGui near the starting position of the player he will see this black square instead. Is there a way to force update this when the game is disabled?

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Maybe you can simply display a regular plane mesh with some texture on it while waiting?

You also can try not to disable the Game, but rather set the scale to very small value (like 0.0000001).


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Actually we use a WidgetCanvas on an ObjectGui to display a dynamic map, so a static texture is not really an option. Setting a very small scale might work, but exact timing is very important for our simulation so it would not be a preferred solution.

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