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In the docs section of this site there is a nice page about base material format:

This page however describes the xml format only, while the code seems to suggest xml is the legacy format for base materials and ULON is the new format. I'm trying to create a float array parameter in a material and this seems to be possible only using the new ULON format. Is this correct, and if so is there documentation available for how to write base materials in ULON format?

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Hi Bemined!

Both XML and ULON formats are currently used (the majority of core materials are still in XML), but indeed we plan to switch to ULON in the future.

Unfortunately the only thing available in the Docs on ULON at the moment is this article, but you can also check out ULON-based core materials for reference. We surely plan to extend ULON documentation with examples soon, but can't give you an exact ETA now. Meanwhile, please check the article above and materials as examples.


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