I am unable to get water mesh to not interact with objects using masks


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I have a functional water physics mesh with the physical Mask set to 00 00 00 01.

I then have a rigid body with physical mask set to 00 00 00 02 and all shape masks set to 00 00 00 02.

But the rigid body still interacts with the water. How do I get the water mesh to ignore some rigid bodies (or rigid body to ignore water)?


[To explain what I am attempting to do is have a rigid body that is frozen in the water (does not interact with water) until the player interacts with it, then frozen switches false and interacts with water.]

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It looks like there is no masks compare between rigid body and water physics. Not sure right now if it's bug or intended behavior.

I've created a ticket in our internal bug tracker regarding this. In case of any updates I will surely let you know.


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Thank you for verifying. Saves me time troubleshooting more why it isn’t working and getting nowhere. Would be good to know if there is a planned fix, workaround, if it just is what it is. 

Doesn’t completely break my game mechanics not having this capability but it would be nice to have this capability. 

thanks again 

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I am using a "water mesh" not a "physical water" object. I agree it works with "physical water" object, but I cannot get it to work with a plane "water mesh". The Rigid body always collides with with my "water mesh" even if I use the different bit masks as you show.

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I got it to work. It works if I initialize my object as dummy type (instead of rigid body), which is not affected by the water. Then I change the type to fracture or rigid when the player interacts (when a collision is detected). Thank you for the support/assistance.

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