Splash screen setup in 2.11 and previous versions


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I know that in 2.12 the splash screen suffered many changes, but for now, I need to still setup it for 2.11 and just want to make sure I get this right:

- splash screen is made of two images, one on top of the other.

- splash transform is 4 vector float, first one used to clamp the splash image min value, second one to control how the height of the splash image is relative to the height of the splash window size, and last two to center the splash image inside the splash window.

- based on progress, splash rendering will transition from the image above (0 progress) to the one bellow (100 progress) putting the one bellow on top of the one above using the alpha channel from the one bellow: show the pixels of the image bellow first where alpha is zero, and as the progress goes up, start to show the bellow image pixels with alpha opaque.

- I have no idea how threshold is supposed to work.

Is there a way to see the fragment shader source of the splash screen? I believe it is embedded in the source as a resource.

So considering the above, to just show a static image (no animation), this to center horizontally and to fit vertically: do I just duplicate the image vertically and use whatever alpha (probably opaque) and use splash transform of vec4(0.0f, 1.0f, 0.5f, 0.5f) ?

Kind Regards,

Adrian L.

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Hi Adrian,

You can check the UnigineScript samples regarding this:

  • <SDK>/data/samples/widgets/splash_**

The splash screen image requirements didn't changed much since the beginning and described here: https://developer.unigine.com/en/docs/2.11/code/gui/skin/?rlang=cpp#splash

If you need still image, you need to duplicate it twice. Maybe it will be even better to use RGB8 image (without alpha channel at all).

You also can check the custom splash screen implementation in Superposition demo (based on WidgetSpriteShader), if you need full control on the loading screen behavior.


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