2.5d Buildings Static mesh not being generated

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So I have tried the tutorial and everything works... Read the documentation... watched the video etc

Now I am trying to get my own shape data created in Global mapper. I have a layer feature with the Tag Building=yes.......... and another with floor=1

...After hitting generate... nothing happens... For some reason the .mesh is not being created

Any Ideas?




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Hello, which SDK  version and edition you're using? Do you have any errors in the console?

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2.12.02  Sim version

One thing that is confusing is in the section where you add tags..... whatever value that is selected is reset if you click away.... For example in the tutorial where you add the road_tag and the road_secondary_tag.... you select the attribute and value.... Highway for attribute and value Primary... as soon as you click away it defaults back to the attribute at the top of the dbf list... in this case it would be Aerialway

FileSystem::addVirtualFile(): can't find mount point for "C:/Workbench/Unigine/Projects/Shape_file_testing/TempDump/buildings/Object_1/building_buildings_preset_0_0_0.mesh" file



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Hi, the shapefile and dbf are totally fine. I created a set of buildings with them and custom heightmap (see attached files). NOTE: before opening the attached landscape file edit paths in the text editor.


The error you see in the log says that the directory where you've stored the terrain data is not known for UNIGINE's filesystem. Please try the following:

  • Check the landscape project settings, just in case. See my file for the reference.
  • Set to destination path to the data/you-terrain
  • If you want to keep the terrain somewhere outside, mount this folder before generating terrain



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