Console text rendering does not compensate for Win10 font scaling


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On Windows 10, if the display scaling is not set to 100%, the console will render incorrectly.

  • Windows 10 Settings / Display / Change the size of text, etc. -> 150% (anything other than 100%, but 150 is displayed below)
  • Launch any Unigine app
  • Press ~ / open the console

This screenshot shows the Thread C++ API sample running:


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Hello Dexter,

Thank you for your report. Even though console actually scales correctly, there's issue in incorrect window alignment. The rest of the window with full console log is just out of screen bounds. We will try to fix this in upcoming release


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Wow that's a bigger problem than I was expecting.  Thanks for tracking it down, it's a problem I've had with a few games, so it will be good to know that whatever I produce (eventually) won't have that problem :)

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