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Contract work: integrate hair simulation into UNIGINE (5000 USD/month)

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Contract work for a project, request by one of our enterprise customers.

Technical requirements:
• Windows, DX11 
• Hair rendering is the priority. 
• 10K+ hair strands for one character is quite possible real-time rendering. A real human has average 100K strands. 
• For hair rendering, you can have your own choice of implementation. Just good rendering quality is the goal. So TressFX, Hairworks or other choices should be good. 
• For simulation and hair file format from Maya, I would prefer TressFX implementation. 
• So I would prefer the same workflow for hair asset authoring and loading as described below. So at least supporting *.txf file would be good. 
• You can skip supporting skinned mesh (fur simulation) yet. Just hair on a human head. This will be much easier for you.

The budget is about 5000 USD/month per developer.

Contacts: Dongsoo Han <>

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