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I have been working on C# component for UI. Just finished translating the Unigine::Widgets::Window example from Uniginescript to C# in the OpenGameMenu() function. So I thought to share my result and thought.

The widget system has some good things to it and I easily see it becoming a great system.
- I can’t wait to see wat I’m able to do with the floating UI’s (next step)
That being said it needs some TLC.
- More C# examples (in the documentation) and some corrections in the docs.
- Alignment and overlapping could use a upgrade.
- A actual component set or UI designer

So here you are able to find my component GameUI.csv0.1 to get started quickly.

- @ developers comments
- It is able to add, remap default key and mouse bindings.
- It handles the mouse state.
- Able to close the app.
- And gives an example of a lot of widgets, resizing, Widget Calllbacks.

Known issues.
- Not able to add checkbox to menubox

PS: I’m a beginner so don’t take everything to seriously. And coding advise is welcome

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