Dialog or Menu system?


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Is there a dialog-box or menu-system in Unigine?



Let's say I make a controllable character, when I go next to a NPC, I want it to popup a 2D dialog box. How do I do that in Unigine?


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Hi polywickstudio,

I use C# components I hope this helps.
Create a ObjectGUI


Attach a component with this Init function.

    Gui gui;
    private void Init()
        gui = (node as ObjectGui).GetGui();
        WidgetDialog dialog = new WidgetDialog();
        WidgetLabel label = new WidgetLabel();
        label.Text = "test";
        label.Flags = Gui.ALIGN_CENTER;

If you want more.

Look at Samples 
- Unigine inteface
- Unigine objects gui_07
- C# Widgets

Also today i finished this post on UI 



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