Hotfix Released!


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Thanks everyone for the provided feedback! The latest update includes a lot of bugfixes alongside with small, but handy improvements.

SDK and Add-Ons are already hit the production server, Demos are on their way!


  1. Up to 4 times import speed improvement for the LandscapeTerrain.

  2. Microprofile now shows synchronization points for Syncker plugin

  3. Better serialization for Curve2d (Curve2d::saveState/restoreState)

  4. Syncker API extended: added methods for user messages bufferization

Fixed issues


  1. Geometry is partially ignored in some FBX files on the import stage

  2. LandscapeTerrain brushes windows appears to be empty after docking it to the editor interface

  3. Texture preview in the material widget now have correct size


  1. Engine ignores runtime links if the asset file was removed

  2. Enabling Vsync with Linux causes engine to render empty scene

  3. Planar reflections artifacts with dynamic reflections enabled

  4. C# plugins crashes engine on the startup

  5. AppVarjo renders black screen

  6. AppVarjo camera randomly shakes in some cases

  7. Engine can’t correctly load guids.db from a package (archive)

  8. UnigineScript cache loading not working

  9. Tag <extern_plugins> is ignored in the default.boot configuration file

  10. Engine window loses focus when starting with AppVive plugin

  11. Syncker plugin asynchronous mode not working properly

  12. Incorrect particle system synchronization


  1. Reconfigured clouds material in the Procedural City Generation demo.

  2. Fixed crash for C# API/Widgets/WidgetWindows sample

  3. Fixed missing UI in C# API/Widgets/WidgetDialog sample

  4. Extra slaves mode support added for Syncker Demo

  5. Fixed Oil Refinery demo crash with OpenGL API

  6. Released Fox Hole and Procedural City Generation demos

Known Issues

  1. Main WPF sample crashes on startup (OpenGL only)

How to submit a good bug report
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