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Add-Ons & Plugins Library


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Using the Community license (v2.12) there are 4 Add-Ons and no plugins.

Is there some place where we can get more Add-Ons or plugins. 

And kinda related is it possible to create your one Add-Ons?


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Which plugins do you mean? Community edition has a bunch of plugins (for VR, FBX import, etc.) Add-Ons is just an asset package. If you're asking about publishing your own add-ons, at the moment it is not possible, but we're working on our own platform to share content.


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Don't want to hijack this thread but are there any progress for creating editor plugins regarding API and interfaces? It is set on experimental for some versions and would be nice to know if there would be major changes in the (near) future? Because of the need of an extra Qt-Licence, I am a little bit unsure if it is worth starting on that topic now or still focus on other topics..

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