Scale object with ShapeConvex


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Could you explain how to scale object after assigning a rigidbody and a convex shape ?

The object and the "shape in visualizer" have the right size but the collision take the first size of the object ?


Unigine::BodyPtr body = Unigine::Body::createBody(0);
Unigine::ShapePtr shapeConvex = Unigine::ShapeConvex::create(myObj, -1);
myObj->setBody(body, true);

and later if I write myObj->setWorldScale(Unigine::Math::Vec3(scaleX, scaleY, scaleZ));

Object and shape in visualizer are right but the collision take the first size of object...


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Hi Fabre,

Currently there is no way to use scaled objects in physics (they should have scale factor = 1.0). We are working on improved physics behavior with scale, but can't give you any valid ETA right now.

How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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Is there a way to do polygons/polygons collision without physics in Unigine ?

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Or maybe a way to get the oriented bounding box ?
I would like to align object to the wall and snapping to other object with right angle...

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I move object with mouse and want to snap object with other "objects or walls" with the right angle to align them.

To align kitchen furnitures on a wall at 17 ° for example...

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Yes this is possible with oriented bounding box I think...

If you have any idea to align the box on the wall and another box to the first box and the wall without oriented bounding box ?


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  • 9 months later...

Can we finally resize mesh with shape convex now ?

Or maybe there is another way to do this ?

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