Merging title bar and menu bar?


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The editor would look more easy on the eyes if the title bar and menu bar were one. How hard is this to implement?

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I think he's talking about custom windows chrome, where the new "fashion" is to merge the title bar and the main menu bar (eg. Visual Studio)

IMHO, this is awful. A title bar is there for a reason, and a good one: easily grab and move your window around. Sure, if all you do is inside a single app, a fullscreen mode could be fancier (eg. like in Photoshop). But when juggling between many app, the extra grab area in the title bar is handy.

@flappybirdI suggest you change your window color theme so the title bar is a dark grey, instead of the default bright white :)

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The last poster is correct. It's just that the default title bar in Windows OS is very fat and ugly. Perhaps a nicer title bar could be implemented, like Unreal Engine.

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