[SOLVED] PackageUng removed?


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Some of our older code is still written in UnigineScript as transitioning to C++ takes time. With the latest version, we receiving the following error: Interpreter::parse(): unknown token "PackageUng". According to the documentation it should still exist though: https://developer.unigine.com/en/docs/2.12/api/library/filesystem/class.packageung?rlang=usc Was this class accidentally removed or has the documentation not been updated for this?

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This is documentation bug. PackageUng was added to UnigineScript in 2.4 SDK release (January, 2017) and was removed later in February, 2017. So, the only version with PackageUng in UnigineScript is 2.4.

We will fix documentation ASAP.

You still can export C++ classes to UnigineScript and wrap around PackageUng if it's required in UnigineScript: https://developer.unigine.com/en/docs/2.12/code/cpp/usage/script/


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Thanks for the information. This script is not part of the main product but a standalone tool script we don't use every day, so I didn't notice yet it didn't work anymore with the latest Unigine. I guess we will have to port this tool to C++.

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