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I just started learning Unigine and have a question about importing an animated camera.

I have tracked some drone footage in Blender and want to use the camera data in Unigine. Is there any way to import the camera transformation into tracker (using fbx or other method)?

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There is no direct option available for that task out of the box. You can write a custom logic to export the object position and then play it back:


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Ok, thanks

 I can export a CSV file with the location and rotation of the camera from both Blender and Houdini. In my case I only want to render a short sequence using the video grabber.

I made a few manual keyframes in the Tracker and opened the .track file. I can probably pick a position for every second and replace the coordinates in the .track file manually. That way I would get a smoothed out version of the tracked camera. 

Suggestions on how to write a script for this are greatly appreciated. I have a different shot with a tracked hand held camera where I want to keep more of the jittery movement (which of course need more keyframes).

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The trackfile is xml.

So it should be quite easy to get your data into an xml format and use this as a .track file.

I guess the structure is quite understandable.

You could also try this (last post): 



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I will try both methods.

The "dummy" method should be a bit quicker. I will transform the camera animation to a box in Houdini, like you are suggesting,  and see if I can transfer the animation back to the camera in Unigine.

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